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The Ann Powtrell Foundation

The Ann Powtrell Foundation is a registered charity founded in 1699 under the will of Ann Powtrell of West Hallam, initially to aid young apprentices, but which has evolved over the years to assist a very much wider range of young people with costs associated with education and training and social and physical development. It operates exclusively in West Hallam.

If you are visiting this page because you are wondering whether you can apply for a grant, the following information gives a brief generalisation of the remit of the charity:

  • Trustees may apply the income of the charity for the benefit of persons under the age of 25 years who are resident, or who have at least one parent resident, in the Parish of West Hallam who in the opinion of Trustees are in need of financial assistance
  • Trustees can assist with the costs of apprenticeship, with the costs of following any profession, trade or occupation, with the costs incurred in normal schooling over and oabove those expenses paid for by the state, with the costs of further education, and in generally promoting the social and physical training of young persons, including assistance to any charitable organisation in West Hallam devoted to the development of young people

For further information or an application form please contact the Clerk to the Trustees -

Bruce Broughton
4 Park Hall Lane
West Hallam

Telephone 0115 9323531 of email bruce.broughton@btinternet.com

An application form may also be downloaded by clicking here. Completed applications should be returned to the Clerk at the above address.