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Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch

One of the things we get most complaints about is speeding, whether on the High Lane or on the estate and in the village. Some years ago the Police helped set up some Community Speed Watches. They provided equipment and supervised the sessions, but then a year or two ago they withdrew this support and left the community to do their own speed watches. They did take the information from the speed guns and whilst Community Speed Guns are not calibrated as the Police equipment, drivers do get warning letters and in the event of a repeat 'offence' usually a visit to warn them, but they cannot be prosecuted. There has however been a change of heart recently and the Police are now supporting this initiative again.

If you would you be interested in taking Community Speedwatch part in a Community Speed Watch, please let us know, by registering with the Clerk or let your local Parish Councillor know, and if we have enough of a response we will organise a training session with the Police and provide the speed gun. It will cost you nothing but your time, but we do need a nucleus of people as it is best that 3 or 4 take part in each session.

Posted: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 11:26 by Parish Clerk

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