West Hallam Parish Council

Serving the people of West Hallam

Clerk RFO: L. Storey
P O Box 8108, Derby
Derbyshire DE1 0ZU

Tel: 07986 740189

(WTF) The Will Garvey Trust Foundation, is a local, registered, charity whose aims are to:

*empower young people to take control of their own emotional, and/or mental, wellbeing *tackle the stigma which prevents people (young people in particular) from accessing emotional, and mental, health support when they need it *create talking communities, where we all feel safe and supported talking about how we feel *provide relevant and up to date information that helps people, young people in particular) help themselves *signpost people to relevant services and organisations when they need further support, advice or guidance

Our focus is particularly young people, age 11-25. We are pleased to have worked with Ilkeston Rugby Union Club last season and we are looking forward to working with them again and with White Rose Cricket Club this season too.

Please visit our website and share with your friends and family - get the conversations started - you never know who might benefit.

Website: willgarveytrustfoundation.org.uk

Facebook: Will Garvey Trust Foundation

Instagram: willgarveytrust

Twitter: whytalkingfixes